Our services


Customer satisfaction is our top priority. This is why we take work off your hands and offer you solutions ranging all the way from centralised storage to complete outsourcing. We have already proven our capabilities in the latter for one of our key accounts, Austrian Airlines Group.


Our warehouse currently encompasses 6,000 m² and offers 5,500 pallet spaces. If you require larger capacities, we will find a way to provide them.


Our full-service offer includes:

  • Advice and planningunknown

  • Order entry and processing

  • Warehousing

  • Inventory management

  • Preparation of documents

  • Order picking

  • Co-packing

  • Retrieval

  • Dispatch of goods

  • Webshop solutions

  • Complete customer ordering process

  • Customer-specific reporting

  • Periodic stocktaking

Minimum inventories and reorder points are defined according to your specifications in order to prevent shortages and ensure smooth inventory management. This allows us to offer you the advantage of inventory optimisation.


In order to improve customer satisfaction we offer a high level of transparency, which we maintain using state-of-the-art warehouse management software. We will be more than happy to work online on your system if you wish. Our employees have years of experience and expertise in SAP.





unknownAn additional service that we offer is the presentation and ordering of products via our webshop solution, which can display your products exclusively. Your customers can order products on our web site from anywhere in the world with a single log-in. We take care of the entire customer ordering process for you, from receiving incoming orders to preparing documents all the way to order picking and retrieval. Naturally, the webshop includes personalised elements such as your company logo.




Each customer is assigned a competent customer representative who can be contacted directly.